This posting is intended for the post IPO Retirees'.

The Union recently informed this group of the recent Supreme Court ruling on a parallel case named Tackett. It caused Judge Dugan to apply the Supreme Court ruling to our case which resulted in the company being able to cancel this groups insurance. The Union filed a motion of reconsideration with very little hope that the ruling would be put back. Meanwhile CNH immediately sent out postcards notifying this group of the change in their level of benefits and that it would bo no cost this year and next year this group would have to pay 60% of whatever premium increase between this year and next year. Well the Union just received word that Judge Dugan has reversed his decision and ruled CNH's change of benefit levels was unreasonable and has ordered the company to reinstate the level of benefits this group has been enjoying since retirement and Judge Dugan's injunction disallowing the company from charging health insurance premiums!!! As of this moment we appear to have won, barring an appeal from the company. United We Bargain, Divided We Beg!!!!


The lead attorney for the Union is going to confer with the Company's lawyer to see how the company is going to react to the new ruling reported above. The company can still appeal this ruling. But we believe they are required to comply with Judge Dugan's ruling. We are awaiting a response form our attorney after he meets with the company's attorney. At the moment we have a victory. How the company responds is what we are trying to find out. Please be patient and we will forward any new information as soon as we get it. Thank you all again for your unwavering support.